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The Flood: God is Good, We are Bad
00:00 / 35:17
The Flood: God Judges Sin
00:00 / 44:09
Jesus is Dead
00:00 / 42:17
Jesus is Alive!
00:00 / 38:03
Relationships: Contract vs. Covenant?
00:00 / 42:51
The Toddler Who Was and Is the King
00:00 / 32:51
Making Jesus Your Personal Savior
00:00 / 24:58
The Mess in the Mirror
00:00 / 35:27
What a Fine Mess
00:00 / 34:05

Hot Off the Press

Let God Finish His Work
00:00 / 28:51

We're starting in the beginning. The first book in the Bible covers about 2000 years of history and tells us about God's plan of salvation. It going to be quite a roller coaster ride. Our current series: Genesis.

Don't Make the Mess Bigger
00:00 / 35:53
Creation vs. Evolution Pt. 1
00:00 / 35:45
Creation vs. Evolution Pt. 2
00:00 / 44:31
Adam and Eve: Fact or Fiction
00:00 / 36:57
Where Do You Want to Go Eat?
00:00 / 37:47
The Original Dysfunctional Family
00:00 / 41:20
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Where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord.

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Sunday: 10am
Come join us this week at the brand new Oceola Community Center, 1661 N. Latson Rd., Howell, MI.

See you there.

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John 13:35 (ESV)
35  By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

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Meeting at 1661 N Latson Rd Howell, MI 48843

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